by Elizabeth deGraw Renna

This Blog has been in existence in my thoughts for months. It was actually more of a “blob” at first, a vague idea, a wish, but without a focus. That’s probably one reason I didn’t actually get it started until recently.

I’ve had lots of encouragement from friends and family, but it took the wise words, spoken at the right moment, by one friend, to give me the push or nudge I needed to really do it. “I think you need to do this because it will lead you to the things you want to be doing”, she basically said. Then she added, sounding a bit mystified, “I don’t know where that came from or why I just said that.”

I knew. She was speaking the truth. She had become a magical messenger for a moment, saying what I needed to hear to really get me moving. It was a very important moment.

That friend posted the comment, “… and so she begins…”

So where do I start? I’ve posted an Introduction and I’ve defined the words that make up the name of my Blog.

“Where do I start?”
“Start at the beginning,” responds the voice in my head.
“Well, where’s the beginning?”
“It’s wherever or whatever you choose it to be.”

It makes sense to me to start with a word and its definition.

Beginning, noun
– The act or process of bringing or being brought into being; start
– The time when something begins or is begun
– The place where something begins or is begun
– A source; origin
– The first part
– Often “beginnings” – an early or rudimentary phase

The beginning is a moment in time. Some beginnings are hard to define or clarify, when exactly they occurred. I like the idea that a beginning is the start of a process, the start of something more, whatever it is. It’s the first part of several parts, somehow.
The beginning of the school year.
The beginning of a project.
Beginning a new job.
Beginning a new life as a married person, or as a divorced person, for example.

Every day is a new beginning, say optimists. I agree, although I don’t always remember in the heat of the moment. Beginnings are exciting, full of potential that isn’t necessarily yet known. I think beginnings can also be scary or daunting or, maybe lower on the spectrum of responses, can cause you to feel and act a little tentatively. Beginnings can also be so subtle that we miss them; we’re not aware that they happened.

My dictionary teases me when the definition of a word uses a form of the word that I’m trying to understand better. “Beginning” is a good example.

A beginning can be thought of as the time or the place when (or where) something begins or is begun.

Huh… duh! So that’s when I dig a little deeper.

Begin, verb
– To commence or start
– To come into being

I like the word “origin”, a noun.
– The point at which something comes into existence
– Ancestry
– The fact of originating

Originate, verb
– To come or bring into being

So, let’s begin!