Playing With Words

by Elizabeth deGraw Renna

Now for something completely different, but still maintaining a connection to words and their definitions. And definitely representing a moment in time, this one, right here and right now as I type.

Commitment, noun

1. responsibility: something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation

2. loyalty: devotion or dedication, e.g. to a cause, person, or relationship

3. previously planned engagement: a planned arrangement or activity that cannot be avoided

When I started this Blog, I made a commitment to myself to post a Blog piece every Sunday. This is the latest I’ve ever written my blog piece, Sunday evening (and now re-reading it on Tuesday evening!). I feel responsible, to myself, to stick to my own agreement. I wonder if I also feel obligated? There IS a difference!

Late, adjective

1. after expected time: happening or arriving after an expected or arranged time

2. after usual time: happening or done after the normal or usual time

What I have usually done, up until now, is ponder what I want to write about beginning about mid-week. My usual practice has then been to have something ready to type on Saturday. I like to let it “sit” and come back to it on Sunday morning and see what I think – was it really what I meant to say? So here I am, doing my typing far after my usual time.

Usual, adjective

Typical or normal: characteristic or expected of somebody or something

Well, that’s a very straightforward, to the point definition! Goes well with the word.

Perfectionist, noun

1. A demanding person: somebody who demands or seeks to achieve nothing less than perfection

2. A believer in perfectionism: a believer in the philosophical doctrine of perfectionism

Perfectionism, noun

1. demand for perfection: rigorous rejection of anything less than perfect

2. belief in existence of perfection: the doctrine that perfection is possible in human beings

I have to admit to perfectionist tendencies, but I’m not a total lost cause. The fact that I am considering posting this piece, as is, proves that I am not a complete perfectionist because I’m not sure how I really feel about this blog. But it certainly represents a “moment semi-defined”!

A big thank you to my usual readers!